How long does it take to install a FENSTRO?

If the roof is ready and no trimming is needed, it should take no more than five minutes as window and flashing are integrated. Type of roof and need for trimming may, however, make the process more time-consuming.

How do I install FENSTRO?

You install FENSTRO using the straps on the inside of the sash. For more details, check the installation instructions on the packaging or view our streaming video installation sequence on this site.

Can FENSTRO be installed in a slate roofing?

Yes. You simply remove the foam gaskets and bend down the outer edge of the flashing. For further information, please view streaming video on installation in slate roofing.

Can FENSTRO be installed in concrete?

Yes, but you may need to disregard the straps and fasten the product a different way.

Can I use the straps to install on the battens instead?

Yes. The straps are very flexible and can be twisted for mounting on battens also. FENSTRO is a light window so this is generally not a problem – but make a detailed assessment of the strength of the battens before installing.

What is the maximum roof pitch with which FENSTRO is suitable?

FENSTRO may be installed in roofing with pitch up 60 degrees.

Installing FENSTRO, what is the maximum height of the roof material with which the FENSTRO is compatible?

FENSTRO can be installed in roofs where the roof material has a maximum height of 90 mm.

Is it difficult to change the window position from the top-hung position (default) to side-hung?

No. You change the position of the hinges from the top of the window to the side. Further, you simply screw the handle off from its default position on the bottom part of the sash and move it onto the side where pre-drilled holes indicate the new position. Also, view the streaming video on this subject on the site.

What is the guarantee on FENSTRO?

FENSTRO comes with a two-year EU reclamation right for product defects. If there are defects or problems with the product you have bought, contact the retailer where you have bought the product.

Can I use FENSTRO for living room purposes?

Generally, we do not recommend it.

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